An Ode to #BeerCats

Sophie The Beer Cat

Beer pics are fun! There’s no denying that I’m somewhat of a shutterbug. Am I good at photography? Ummm. Well not really, but I enjoy playing around with lighting, settings, filters and various photo editing apps. A couple years back, I stumbled upon Beer Cats on Twitter (@CatsOnTap) & Instagram (@catsontap). I couldn’t stop scrolling through all the adorable photos that folks took of their cats sniffing bomber bottles or posing by their freshly poured beer selection of the evening with the hashtag: #BeerCat attached.

Even some breweries share pics of their Brewery Cat rooming around the building or standing guard at the latest can release. On days that aren’t going so spectacular, I’ll check out their latest adventures and instantly my mood improves. Cats will do that for ya. You just can’t resist those fuzzy, furry little faces.

I love, love, love cats! I’m a Crazy Cat Lady in the making. And, although I don’t have 30 cats residing with me, my little cat family keeps me quite entertained. They’re hella curious about anything new I bring into the house. So after discovering the Beer Cats social media phenomenon, I took to Twitter posting photos of my 3 cutie pies. (Please note: I do NOT let my cats drink beer. They just like to explore my beer hauls.)

“Hey, Mom! What beer mail did you get today?” #BeerCat (Bella The Beer Cat)

Bella The Beer Cat

I quickly found that Jasmine and Sophie weren’t quite as entertained as I was snapping my camera phone close to their faces. They weren’t at all amused. With the first sound of the camera “click,” that was it. They’d turn around and walk away. In fact, I think I only have 1 photo of Sophie and Jasmine that isn’t a complete blurry mess. Sophie is shown in the first photo above checking out Magic Hat’s Stealin’ Time Ginger Wheat.

“Which Single IPA Series brew is the tastiest? Why, the one with Equinox hops. Duh!” #BeerCat (Jasmine the Beer Cat)

Jasmine The Beer Cat

Bella, though, was super into it. She’s quite the camera ham. And, she photographs well. Here’s more of my little darling working the camera as all great models do.

Even my Mom’s cat, Stuart Little, got in on the action when we were visiting them in Massachussetts last summer.

“Yeah. I’ve been reading this great article about all the cool breweries to visit here in the Northeast. Here are my recommendations…” #BeerCat (Stu Little)

Stuart Little

Wanna see more #BeerCat pics? Be sure to follow Beer Cats on Twitter (@CatsOnTap) & Instagram (@catsontap). Enjoy!

Sophie Bean

This post is in memory of Miss Sophie. She passed away today after a long illness. She was 14. Will miss you my sweet, shy, little bean! 

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