Meet Amanda W


My craft beer journey began with a cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  This was most likely right out of the bottle.  As soon as that hoppy, citrusy flavor hit my taste buds I was hooked.  No more cheap beer for me.

I now look at beer differently.  I began to appreciate the time, effort and special ingredients required to create a truly well-crafted beer.  Today, my go-to beer is still Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but now in the proper glass.

Recently I have become more involved with the ever growing craft beer industry in Charlotte, NC.  I founded a chapter of Girls Pint Out; it is inspiring to see so many craft beer loving ladies in one place.  I am constantly learning about the many different styles of beer and love to talk to anyone who shows the same passion.  Throughout this exploration I have met many amazing people, many I now call friends.

I discovered my palate is always changing.  I love IPAs in the Charlotte summer heat and a great bourbon barrel aged stout in the winter time.  This year I have discovered wonderful farmhouse ales that use local ingredients.

  • Current favorite Farmhouse Ale: Fullsteam Summer Basil
  • Favorite IPA currently: Wicked Weed Pernicious
  • Favorite Winter Warmer: Triple C Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout.




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