Meet Amanda D – Maine

Rising Tide Brewery Selfie
Hello. My name is Amanda. I’m a beer drinker with a selfie problem.

Hey all! Amanda from Maine here. Yes, another Amanda. Amandas and craft beer just seem to go hand in hand I guess. As I said I am from Maine, specifically Portland. We are undergoing a major boom in the craft beer arena right now. We have new breweries popping up all of the time and there is a big surge in locally grown ingredients too! We have people pushing to bring hop farms back to Maine (we have a couple already!) and we have a couple of malthouses here too. There are a number of breweries who just continue to pitch the same yeast strain and let it change and develop over time. The water here is pretty amazing as well, not to mention the brewery using sea water that they went to the shores to get themselves. I am sure you have also heard about the fact we have brewers throwing crustaceans into batches. People often ask how Maine can sustain so many breweries and I think it is because they each try to do something a little (or a lot) different. While Maine is having a crazy moment in the craft beer scene we aren’t alone. All of New England is bringing great beers to the table but more on that another day.

Beer Selfie Podcast

As for me; I am a mom, wife, ex teacher, ex accountant, soon to be beer tour guide & current podcaster. I podcast about beer! (Small personal plug: My podcast is named Great Beer Adventure and can be found on iTunes, stitcher and your favorite podcatchers!) I not only like drinking beer but I really love finding the story #BehindTheBrew. I get kind of geeky about how all of the science of beer works. I love knowing how the breweries are working together and how the marketing gets done. I want to know why and how things work the way they do. I also have recently gotten into becoming a beer match maker: helping non-beer drinkers find that one beer that lets them enter into the amazing creative world that is craft beer.

Rising Tide Selfie with Kids

I started getting into beer with my husband back before he was my husband. We loved going around and finding new beer adventures. We even once sat outside on a cold New England March night while I was sporting a brand new cast on my leg in order to get a couple of bottles of a limited release beer! When our girls came around beer things (and most life things) went on pause including our home brewing and my blogging. They are now 1.5 and 4 years old so I thought it was time to jump back in! The podcast came first, blogging is getting underway and homebrewing is next up. I want to start making the most crazy funky styles I can think of, again, more on that another day.

American Craft Beer Festival in Boston selfie


As far as my favorite styles? I drink my beers with the season. I love stouts and dark beers but only in the cold Maine winters. A pumpkin beer? Yes, but only during the fall. Currently we are sitting in the middle of a hot summer here in Maine and I am loving goses, kolschs, saisons, and hefes. My favorite Maine breweries? I love them all. Each brewery brings something different and it is amazing to explore them all.

I will be bringing you all things that are beer-geek-out worthy! I hope that you enjoy the ride. Cheers.


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