4 Craft Beer Gadgets You Need Now

Sometimes the best items you own are the ones you never knew existed. This can be especially true for fun drinking gadgets like the electric wine bottle opener. Beer has its own fun items — and many of them have a great practical functionality as well.

Looking for some new gadgets to show off, or a need a great gift for the beer lover who has everything? Here are my suggestions on some new additions to your bar:

TapIt Cap

tap it cap

In my household, we have a growler problem, in that we never finish them. We buy them with the best of intentions but then once we open it it will stay opened in the fridge for who knows how long, forgotten like a week-old salad. The major downside to this is that the beer that is in that growler is getting flat and ends up either being dumped or used to cook with. Now, this can all change with the TapIt Cap. This attachment for your growler basically turns it into  it baby keg by adding a CO2 cartridge and tap to it allowing you to drink it whenever you’d like as it readds carbonation. Sweet deal! Plus, anyone else feel really awkward trying to pour beer out of a growler sometimes?

These are designed for standard 64 oz screw top counters, are $45 and can be foundhere.



I have praised the benefits of the shower beer for years, but I always worry about the glass falling down and shattering and, well, glass all over your shower isn’t ideal. A few years back I received the Shakoolie in the mail, and my world was changed. This beer koozie is designed to be used entirely in the shower.

It comes with two parts: one to attach to your shower wall, and the actual koozie itself. There’s velcro on each piece – just insert your favorite beer and enjoy! The only drawback is that it is attached to your shower wall so keep that in mind if you’re renting. Get yourself one and start drinking beers in the shower today – they’re just $9.99 and can be found here.

Can Grip


Ever pull a beer right out of the cooler and it’s so cold that you don’t even want to hold it? What if you could put a handle on it? Enter the Can Grip – a plastic handle for your can that will keep your hand warm and your beer cold. They also make grips for bottlestoo! Avoid awkward wet handed hand shakes and be the life of the party.

Hermetus Bottle Opener and Sealer

hermetus opener

I didn’t even know this bad boy existed until Sara got me one as a birthday gift. There have been many times, late at night especially, that “just one more” seems like such a good idea only to find halfway in that I’d rather go to sleep. I hate to waste beer, especially if it’s a bomber bottle or something I can’t get more of.

Saving beer got a lot easier with the Hermetus. One end is a bottle opener, but the other side has a plastic gasket that will actually hermetically reseal your beer. I’ve heard they will then last for months, but I usually reopen no longer than 4 days later. No more wasted beer! Get yours here for just $9.95.

A version of this post can originally be found here at SaraBozich.com

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