30 Second Beer Review: The Starrs of Summer

starr hill summer variety pack

July disappeared in the blink of an eye. Despite what back-to-school displays and the growing number of pumpkin beers on the shelf may tell you, summer is still here. We have at least another month of warm weather, cookouts, and the pool. Fortunately, Starr Hill has a whole variety of beers for you to choose from – several of which are available year-round! Starr Hill was kind enough to send me samples from their Summer Jam Can variety pack, as well as a bottle of their Sublime Citrus Wheat. Below are my reviews of each, which are almost as quick as the summer season this past year. Cheers, everyone!

Grateful (Remastered): Starr Hill recently revamped one of my favorite beers of theirs, and the new addition doesn’t disappoint. The added malts and wheat make for a richer taste, but one that doesn’t deplete the hoppy zest that made the original version a standout. It’s still cookout friendly, but also good for relaxing inside when it’s a little too hot for the pool or the backyard. 4/5

The Hook: as promised with the declaration of grapefruit, this session IPA is an excellent blend of zesty and juicy. The Hook is a fruity IPA that’s bigger on zest and rind than juice, which I always prefer. The hops are a bit muted, but it’s still a fine beer. 3.5/5

Warehouse Pils: this beer, originally brewed for the 25th anniversary show of Charlottesville’s own Dave Matthews Band, runs a bit sweet. It’s pretty crisp, and you get some hops on the end. I found it a little malty for summer, but it’s a good warm weather beer overall. 3.25/5

Sublime: This has a nice citrus aftertaste, but overall, sips like a standard wit. This isn’t a bad thing. The added citrus adds a bit more, meaning it’s not as light or fluffy as some wits. I recommend this for anyone looking for a little bit more than what a normal witbier has to offer. 3.5/5

The Love: great as always. This is one of my favorite hefeweizens. What you’d expect in the style, and perhaps a bit crisper. It doesn’t drown in the banana or cloves, which is important. This is available year-round, and I recommend it year-round. 4/5

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