30 Second Beer Review – Starr Hill Festie

starr hill festie

Over the past year, I had lost hope in Fest Beers, Oktoberfest beers, and the like. They were getting hoppy where hoppiness doesn’t belong. They were getting too sweet when overt sweetness doesn’t belong. In some cases, they were just poorly made and downright vegetal, and that flavor NEVER belongs. I’ve found the beer to save us all – Starr Hill Festie.

I love this beer because it tastes exactly like it should. There’s nothing special about this beer, and that’s what makes it awesome! There are some beer styles that you just don’t want people to mess with, and for me, Oktoberfest beers are one. I don’t want your ‘interpretation’ of a fest beer. I don’t want your ‘fest beer with added weird things’ ever. Seriously, never ever. And, I really don’t want your American-style Oktoberfest because that’s just a brewing sin. I hope my German ancestors haunt you for it.

An Oktoberfest should be clean, crisp, easy to drink. It should have a medium-full body but shouldn’t feel heavy. It should be between copper and amber in color. Most of all, it should have a slightly sweet roasted flavor that’s rich and malty. Starr Hill Festie is exactly what a fest beer should be.


ABV: 4.2%
IBU: 12
Color: Amber
Availability: Fall Seasonal – bottles, draft

Full disclosure: I received two bottles of Starr Hill Festie in a press kit. They didn’t pay me to say this, as no one ever does. There’s no obligation to write about this beer, I just really like it and I hope you will too. Word is bond.

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