30 Second Beer Review: Flying Dog Gourd Standard

Flying Dog Gourd Standard

How to enjoy pumpkin beer; Step 1: Throw it in the trash. That’s how I normally feel about pumpkin beer. My taste buds can’t handle much more than a few sips. I will occasionally pick up a brand I haven’t sampled but they all end up in the same place, down the drain. Over the weekend I tried (again) Southern Tier’s Pumking, this time on tap. Way too sweet, felt like I was drinking a liquid pumpkin pie. I’ve come to the realization that pumpkin beer is not for me. But, with that being said, I am ever so grateful that a few weeks back The Gourd Standard Pumpkin IPA by Flying Dog arrived in my mailbox, Hopi g it might change my mind.

Three reasons why you should try Gourd Standard if you dislike Pumpkin beer:

  1. It’s an IPA.
  2. It’s not overly sweet nor has an overpowering pumpkin flavor.
  3. It’s best paired with a Salazon Sea Salt & Pumpkin Beer chocolate bar (made with 72% organic dark chocolate and The Gourd Standard Pumpkin IPA).

Did I mention this beer came with its own chocolate?

The chocolate:  Salty, rich dark chocolate, heavy on the allspice. The combination balances the flavor, leaving you lingering for another bite.(I ate most of the chocolate bar in one sitting. Don’t judge.)

The Beer:  Nutmeg and Clove hit the nose right off the bat. Tastes of spice, lacks a strong pumpkin flavor (fine by me) and leaves you with a nice burn on the back of the throat.

Though The Gourd Standard is a pumpkin style, it reminded me more of a Christmas Ale especially when paired with the chocolate bar.

Disclosure: *I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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