Three Taverns Brewing: Decatur’s Best Kept Secret

Three Taverns Brewing, Decatur GA

For this year’s Atlanta beercation, we decided to stay in Decatur and experience a different side of town. To our delight, Three Taverns Brewing had the same idea. This brand new brewery that just opened about a year ago is housed just a few blocks from the downtown Decatur square area and is already getting a lot of attention – for all the right reasons.

Three Taverns Brewing, Decatur GA

The brewery gets their name from Italian tres tabernae, aka Three Taverns, the stopping point along the Appian Way containing a blacksmith, a general store, and a beverage house. Three Taverns creates their American interpretations of Belgian beer with the idea that beer is meant to be a participant in life’s moments. We all know this to be incredibly true as we incorporate beer into weddings, births, birthdays, parties, and even the celebration of a life after it has been lost. They’ve been open a year, but their experience encompasses many years previous. If they hadn’t told me they’ve only been open a year, based on the quality of beer, I would’ve assumed they’d been there much longer.

Three Taverns Brewing, Decatur GA

QUICK TIP: when visiting breweries in the state of GA, you can’t buy pints, growlers, or bottles of beer on-site. You CAN buy glassware with tokens to trade in for tastes of the beer.

After trading our tokens for samples of beers, we each quickly found our favorites. For me, it was the Le Peche Mode, a peach saison made with local Georgia peaches. For the other half, it was Theophan the Recluse, a Belgian-style RIS. To be honest, there isn’t a bad beer in their lineup. I was impressed with the quality of beer coming out of such a relatively new establishment.

Three Taverns Brewing, Decatur GA

While we were there, I just happened to meet Duncan Smith who hand drew the label for said RIS. He was nice enough to pose for a picture. Check out his work here. I also got to take a peek a their barrel aging room, which houses what will surely be some amazing beers that I can try next time I’m in town. Overall, I’ve found Three Taverns to be a Decatur’s little secret that won’t a secret for long. It’s wonderful to find excellent new beer is other cities.

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