#LabelLove: Skulls & Skeletons

September 30, 2016 0

Sonora and I may have very different beer style preferences, but one thing we mutually love is HALLOWEEN! Like hardcore. Everything and anything that has to do with halloween – costume parties, horror flicks, decorating, and even craft beer with spooky themes. I completely decorate every space of my home for the holiday. Black cats, spiders, webs, black birds, pumpkins, poison Read More

GIVEAWAY: Pottstown Brew Fest

September 22, 2016 0

Edit The award-winning Pottstown Brew Fest returns to Manatawny Park on October 22, 2016 for a celebration of craft beer and brews. Come join the fun, as we sample over 150+ beers and ciders from 65+ of the best craft brewers from the Mid-Atlantic and across the United States. New for 2016, we will also feature wine, spirits and mead. Read More

A Tribute To A Mentor & Friend

September 21, 2016 0

“It’s hard to believe it’s been 22 years since my very first craft beer. My first ‘good beer’ experiences happened at the Market Cross Pub in Carlisle, PA where they serve a wide selection of international beers as well as craft beers from all over the U.S. While I worked there, I learned a great deal about the process of making beer Read More

Infographic: How to Order a Beer in 17 Countries

September 20, 2016 0

When travelling abroad, most people want to learn a few key phrases, but you know all you really want to do is order a beer. Forget “dónde está el baño”, how about “mas cervaza por favor”! Check out this sweet infographic and study up on how to order a beer in 17 different countries, and how to to toast those Read More

Banana Brown Ale Pancakes

September 19, 2016 0

One drinking trend that I’m not very keen on is drinking at breakfast or brunch. No disrespect to anyone who enjoys mimosas or a beer brunch. It’s simply not my thing, mostly because drinking makes me sleepy and I just woke up – I want coffee, not alcohol. However, I’ll gladly eat beer for breakfast, and one of my favorite Read More

Fall Beers 101: Part 1 – Pumpkin Beers

September 14, 2016 0

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and another sun-soaked summer fades into autumn. Football season has arrived and you can hear your local marching band practice in the evenings if you listen closely. I’ve packed away my pineapple dresses and changed wardrobes into scarves, sweaters, and boots. Yep, it’s officially fall and with the season change comes a Read More

She Said/She Said: Starr Hill Fall Tour Variety Pack

September 12, 2016 0

  After a long,  hot summer, it seems like Autumn is finally around the corner. Fall is my favorite beer season. In addition to the ubiquitous – and tasty – pumpkin ales and Oktoberfest offerings, I am a big fan of brown ales, fresh hop IPAs, and other offerings that pepper the stores like leaves on the sidewalk. Starr Hill Read More

Victory’s ‘Monkey Tales’ Contest

September 5, 2016 0

What’s Victory Brewing Company’s #1 selling brew? (What? Monkey got your tongue? Don’t worry. I was stumped, too. Hint: You’re looking right at it.) THE ANSWER: It’s Victory’s Golden Monkey Belgian Tripel!!! To celebrate the iconic Golden Monkey, Victory Brewing has created a fun, SOCIAL MEDIA CONTEST focusing on the brew and the diehard fans who have supported, and love, the all-seeing, all-knowing, mystically spirited, metallic Read More

Green Flash Debuts Ochre Frumento

September 2, 2016 0

Today, Green Flash Brewing Co announces the release of the second limited and rare beer in their Cellar 3 Barrelmaster’s Reserve series, Ochre Frumento. Ochre Frumento is a Barley Wine that has been aged for a combined total of 6-years in brandy and then bourbon barrels, and has the highest ABV of any Green Flash beer ever released at 17.5%.  Read More