2016 Holiday Gift Ideas for Craft Beer Lovers

2016 Holiday Gift Ideas For Craft Beer Drinkers

Wow! How are we already to the Holiday Season again? Seriously, where did 2016 go, my friends? It literally flew right by. We’re all tied to a hectic schedule. Multi-tasking everything… every day. Not even a minute to slow down and figure out what to buy everyone for Christmas – if you celebrate this holiday tradition.

It’s OK!!! Don’t panic. If you are a craft beer lover or have one on your list to buy for, I just made your life super easy. Here’s what the “in” brew-themed gifts are for 2016. And, this year, it’s more pictures, less words for better browsing on your smartphone. You’re welcome.



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It’s A Brew Life has an eclectic and fun collection of craft beer themed items that every beer enthusiast will enjoy as they live the #BrewLife. From handmade one of a kind items to vintage upcycled artwork to high quality logo imprinted beer gear.


Artisanal Threads creates exclusively designed artisanal tee shirts, bringing the hand drawn craftsmanship and creativity to the digital world. They hand draw the designs, manufacture the shirts in America, and give a percentage of their profits to local non-profits in need. Use 10% discount code: STOUTSSTILETTOS10


Hop Hedz is your spot for the sickest t-shirts and apparel for the craft beer enthusiast! Don’t settle for cheesy beer shirts, show off your pride in our nation’s craft beer with Hop Hedz!


Swag Brewery offers eye-catching and high-quality gifts like Beer Soap, Brew Candles, and Brew Candy. They design and produce their own stuff so you’ll never see anything else like it!


At GrowlerGrips, we believe you should get more from your pour. Our patent-pending products are created as a direct result of our love for craft beer. We’ve spent countless hours designing, refining and manufacturing these unique innovations and accessories. We’re based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and locally source as many components as possible.


Other craft beer themed items that are pretty fab.

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  1. I’m so happy to see Artisinal Threads on this list! Their shirts always make me smile when I wLk around the corner to Holy Hounds bottle room! We have such talent in my hometown!

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