20 Second Review of Brooklyn Pale Ale

As some of you know I have locked myself away in the “Batcave” while I churn out what seems like an endless number of research papers in pursuit of a masters degree in librarianship. I havent had much of my brain left to blog with and what IS left I seem to drink away. However, my desperation (and love of science) wanted to test the theory of a recent article that if beer makes men “smarter”, does it work for women too? After all, aside from a Y chromosome, the absence of some dangly bits and a little extra upperdeck padding, women are not that much different from men.

brooklyn pale ale

Shout out to Brooklyn Pale Ale for giving me a boost of motivation. 24 hours and one paper to go–this solid and easily drinkable beer might just make all the difference between academic mediocrity and greatness. Then again it might make me take a nap. No sleep till Brooklyn!

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