1000 Unique Beers and Counting!

1000th and beer

The date was Saturday, November 10th. The time was approximately 10:30pm. The location? My friend Rich’s birthday shenanigans. The event: my 1000th unique beer on Untappd.

This was quite the evening all-around, not just the momentous occasion of the 1000th beer. First of all, I had one of the unicorns I’ve been quietly chasing for the past year or so – Pliny the Elder. Now, many will put this on the same level as my other Holy Grail beer, KBS, but unlike the latter I was actually quite impressed with Pliny. A wonderful citrus, piney, IPA that even I could enjoy. Second of all, my home brew was well-received among a group of mostly strangers. That’s always a good feeling.


But back to the the 1000th beer! Upon arriving at the festivities I kindly informed a few friends that I was so close to my 1000th and asked if anyone wanted to predict the date that it would happen. Then, a conversation started regarding all the beer present ob that evening. ‘I’m sure there are at least 13 beers here that you haven’t had. Let’s make it tonight’

I scoured coolers for beers I’ve often overlooked and beers I’ve never had the chance to try. I found BrewDog Bitch Please, a friend’s homebrewed Agave Rye IPA, Founder’s Backwoods Bastard, Bell’s 2009 Expedition Stout, Pliny the Elder, Sierra Nevada Brux, Weyerbacher X-Ray, Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin, Green’s Endeavor Gluten-Free Dubbel, Kona Pipline Porter, Weyerbacher Sour Black, Southern Tier Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale, and the final beer, Boulevard Chocolate Ale.

bitch please
Best. Beer. Name. Ever.

There were many jokes exchanged about being glad to witness my 1000th, who gave me my 1000th, and even talk of putting up a plaque stating ‘Tierney had her 1000th here’. Sigh. The blessing and curse of drinking with men.

I was asked on G+ if I enjoyed the journey. Of course! Pursuing a certain number forced me to seek out and try new beers that I would have previously overlooked. I even found a few new favorites along the way! So what’s next? A little downtime I believe. I want to revisit a few that are long forgotten since I started this crazy quest to try ALL OF THE BEERS. Plus, my liver probably hates me now.

1000th and me

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  1. I need to do a better job of logging my beers on Untappd. While I doubt I’m anywhere near 1,000, I definitely have way more than the 267 that are on my tab as of right now.

    Congrats on the milestone!


    • Thanks so much! A lot of people I’ve talked to either 1) won’t do Untappd because they’ve already logged so many on paper it’s useless or 2) don’t keep up. Since I found Untappd just around the same time my interest was starting to pick up it was perfect.

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