Craft Beer Gear: Gift Ideas

by: Chelsie

Craft Beer T-shirt

It’s that time of year again. Christmas gift shopping is in full force even though it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. But in all fairness, Thanksgiving is a week later than usual which shortens the time to purchase everything. And, if you’re buying gifts online, you best get a jump on it so everything arrives before December 25. But don’t stress! I’m here to help with some great items you might want to consider picking up for your craft beer enthusiast guy or gal.

I actually came across the majority of these items as I was creating my wishlist. I’m not hard to shop for at all. You’re pretty much safe getting me beer, clothing or gift certificates to places where I can drink beer or buy clothing. Even better when it’s beer clothing. Double WIN! I’ve been an exceptionally good girl this year, so hopefully Santa delivers. (wink, wink)


Ceramic Beer CoastersCOASTERS
~ $20 for 4 ~
You get to select which coasters you’d like from an extensive list of available breweries. My favs are Mad Elf, anything from Kona and Flying Dog Dead Rise. I love that the artwork comes from six-pack beer carriers. Neat!

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~ $24 ~
Bracelets made from beer cans? Uh-huh. That’s right. Beer cans. What a clever and stylish idea. You can select from what’s in stock or request a custom order. I especially like the look of wearing multiple bracelets with varying colors and textures.

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Beer Bottle Cap EarringsBOTTLE CAP EARRINGS
~ $10 ~
These are some of the most interesting I’ve seen yet. The detail that’s created with the wire woven around the cap is simply gorgeous. Not your usual bottle cap earring. Browse this crafter’s store and check out the different wire styles.

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~ $20 ~
Choose from over 300 different breweries. When ordered, each is custom-made from six-pack carriers, beer cans or other packaging items. These especially look stellar when multiple signs are hung on the wall together as a group.

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~ $38 ~
What a stunning necklace made from a vial of hops and malt grains. Great for the homebrewer, bartender or anyone who appreciates the process of brewing craft beer.

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~ $60 ~
So much easier than carrying a cooler full of ice into a BYOB restaurant! This sleek growler insulator is handmade and holds up to a 64oz growler.

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~ $19.99 ~
This craft brewery, name-dropping, typographical beauty would be great for wearing to beer fests, beer meetups or just sporting it under a smart black or dark grey blazer for a casual night out. It’s available as a v-neck, too, if you prefer that style.

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Sour Beer T-shirtSOUR BEER T-SHIRT
~ $23 ~
I love the vintage look of the shirt and the playful message: “I like my beer sour, crafted by Lactobacillus.” If you’re a beer geek, you get it. And, other beer geeks will, too. It’s a great conversation starter not to mention it’s stylish as hell. Also, available for men.

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Hops T-shirtHOPS T-SHIRT
~ $23 ~
Ideal for any Hop Head craft beer fiend. The green color is pretty sweet and it has a great fit. But don’t worry if you’re more into Stouts, Lambics, Hefeweizens or other beer styles. This Etsy store has a t-shirt for you, too. Also, available for men.

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Real Cats Love Beer T-shirt‘REAL CATS LOVE BEER’ T-SHIRT
~ $16 ~
This shirt is beyond cute, makes you smile and amazing all wrapped into one. Available in a ton of colors. I’m leaning towards the navy blue or chesnut. Also, available for men.

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~ $19.95 ~
Perfect for a bottle share party, for the homebrewer or for anyone who loves to enjoy craft beer at home. The paddles are finished with chalkboard paint so you can identify each beer. Very helpful when doing sampling events! (does not include the glasses)

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~ $28 ~
The set of 4 includes: IPA, Black IPA, Porter and Oatmeal Stout. The jellies are made in small batches in Vermont and are packaged in the elegantly, simple glass jars. I would love these for bottle share parties to serve with french bread as a tasty snack in between sips.

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~ $48 ~
Completely handmade and adorable. This is a beer fest must-have. Or, look totally rad this winter enjoying the outdoors. There are two shades of green to choose from and there are two other hat styles available in the Etsy store.

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~ $25 ~
Made from genuine leather and available in dark brown or black. Clip it on one of your favorite belts or order one in a variety of styles from this same crafter. Another must-have for beer festivals or while mowing the grass. I love the hands free approach.

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~ $40 ~
Stay warm and be stylish while you enjoy that beer. I’m really digging the artwork design – one of the better craft beer attire designs I’ve seen in a long time. You can also get a t-shirt with the same graphic. Available for men, too.

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~ $20 ~
Fits not just pint glasses but craft beer cans, soda cans, coffee cups and more. There are a variety of colors to choose from. Each is handmade and uses hand-dyed wool.

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Recap: Chef’s Table Dinner at Garlic Poet with Troegs Brewing

by: Tierney

Recap: Chef's Table Dinner at Garlic Poet with Troegs Brewing Company

Every time I go to one of The Garlic Poet‘s Chef’s Table Dinners, head chef Kurt Wewer outdoes himself. The most recent dinner featuring Troegs Brewing Company was no exception. A four course meal paired with two classic Troegs beers and two new ones? I was in there like swimwear.

Course 1

Course one was a lime infused, rice-krispie breaded BLOWFISH TAIL with seasonal mixed greens with a green tomato and citrus vinaigrette topped with hopped mozzarella butter cream. Yes, all of those things. Perfectly paired with is was the classic Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat, one of the first craft beers I’ve ever had and definitely a ‘conversion beer’ for many, including myself. There was something about the tiny bit of fruit flavor in the Dreamweaver that pulled out a ton of flavor in the vinaigrette and at the same time complemented the blowfish without overwhelming.

Troegs Jovial Abbey Dubbel

The second course was organic grass fed cow’s tongue from Sugar Hill Farms with duck fat seared shiitake mushrooms on top of a clove spiced and Saaz hopped cherry mostarda. The whole thing was then topped with Fairytale Pumpkin seed dust. I had never had cow’s tongue before, so I was a little apprehensive. After talking to Chef Kurt about it, he informed me that it was slow cooked and then shaved to avoid the weird texture and optimize the flavor. Believe it or not, I actually liked it! This was paired with Troegs’ brand new Jovial, an Abbey Dubbel. I think the cherry mostada is what pulled the food and the beer together. Of course, tasting notes on the new Jovial are what you’re here for right? Expect to find a well balanced Belgian Dubbel that isn’t overly sweet or ‘grapey’ as some Belgians can be with a perfect malt backbone and hints of fig. It’s bottle conditioned, but the body evens out if you let it sit and settle for a little bit.

Course 3

Third course was a big one. De-glae Organic Farm’s bone in lamb chop that was infused with a pomegranate and crystal malt wort, a side of tahini and lemon roasted Yokohoma squash, pickled purple carrots, pomegranate arils (seeds), then topped with purple hermanos chili and soy foam. Being a hardcore carnivore, this was clearly my favorite course. Served with it? The super dank and juicy Troegs Scratch #162 Fresh Hop IPA. I can’t explain why these two items worked together other than it was two of my favorite things happening at the same time and who doesn’t love that? PS if you can still get more Scratch #162 I highly recommend you do so, it’s delicious.

Course 4

The final course, the dessert course, was kiwi-lime-jalapeno ice cream made locally by Urban Churn and topped with house made Centennial hop rocks. The ice cream wasn’t a favorite to those with sensitive palates, but I found the creamy ice cream to quench the slight heat of the jalapenos perfectly. The hop rocks are always my favorite because…hop candy FTW. This was paired with Troegs newest hop cycle seasonal Blizzard of Hops. Chef Kurt loves to pair desserts with IPAs which I think is a true challenge to most palates. This dessert worked because of the jalapenos. The earthy, vegetable flavor really goes with hops, so the sweetness of the dessert didn’t make the IPA taste extra bitter in comparison.

So when can you get yourself to a dinner? The next dinner will be on January 10th at 4:30 with DuClaw Brewing Company. This dinner will be unique in that Chef Kurt will be going to DuClaw to brew two special beers just for this dinner with their head brewer – definitely not something you’re going to want to miss! Click here to make reservations now, because this will sell out! Also, keep an ear open for a big announcement from them in the new year. I can’t spill the deets, but be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss out!

Beer Fest: Hibrewnation Dec 13

by: Chelsie

Hibrewnation Festival of Beer

I’m seriously counting down the days to the first-ever, Harrisburg edition of Hibrewnation happening on Dec 13 in the Main Hall of the Farm Show Complex. I’ve been to the York festival at the York Fair Grounds and it’s hands down the best beer fest in Central PA. There are a lot of good ones in the area. We are blessed to have so many! But the organizers of Hibrewnation hand-select more unique varieties for their event that you WILL NOT FIND at other beer festivals. And, they are pulling out all the stops for Harrisburg.


General admission tickets are $40 which gets you in to enjoy all-you-can-sample brews from 2-5pm. The beer list IS NOT completed and already some standouts in my opinion are: Sierra Nevada Narwhal, Sierra Nevada Boomarang (because I’m an IPA fiend), Rogue Yellow Snow IPA, Dogfish 75 Minute, Magic Hat Darkness (2013 release), Wagner Valley Sled Dog Trippel Bock (2013 release), Crystal Ball Coconut Porter on Nitro, Spring House (Barrel Reserve Society) Citra Must be Destroyed, Spring House Dean Saison, Evil Genius Naughty or Nice, Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout… oh my goodness. I seriously could note the entire beer list. Just check it out for yourself and you’ll see.

P/S – This list is still growing. Expect MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!!!

> Buy Your Tickets

The VIP session is from 12-2pm for $55 and it also gets you into the general admission session. As a VIP, you’ll receive a limited edition beer mug to keep, free beer floats, but most importantly dibs on the best beer selections: limited releases, firkins, randalls, bourbon barrel-aged, Springhouse Barrel Reserve Society.

Sierra Nevada has really come through to provide us with some most excellent selections.

Hibrewnation Insider Pic

Sierra Nevada Beer CampIf you missed the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp festival or the Beer Camp collaboration case, no worries. Hibrewnation has you covered. > View Beer Camp Selections.

Tierney and I will be here so you should, too. SO MANY BEERS! There are only 300 VIP spots available so don’t delay in snatching up a ticket for yourself.

> Buy Your Tickets

Word on the street is that Lancaster Brewing Company will have two beers here that you can only get at Hibrewnation. One of them will be in a firkin. FIRKIN! When details are finalized, I’ll let you in on all the specifics.

And, I think you’re really going to like the VIP mugs… designs are being finalized.

Not only will I be tweeting and sharing on facebook all the exciting updates from the good folks at Hibrewnation in the next few weeks leading up to the Harrisburg event, but you can also check out the event’s pages as well.

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Just the Sip

by: Tierney

tierney hi-5 2000th beer

So, I hit 2000 unique Untappd check-ins. Above, you see me with my 2000th unique beer, Terrapin HI-5. That was about a month ago so I’m actually closer to 2050 at this point, but at any rate it happened. With this exciting occasion, I received a few questions about how many of these were just sips vs samples vs pints. I had to think about it a bit, because early on in my Untappd career I do believe some of those were, well, just the sip. Now I’m at a point where I have to sample at least a 2 oz pour for it to count in my mind, but at first, it was just to brag about what I was drinking and to earn badges. Over time I clearly have started taking craft beer more seriously and use Untappd for another purpose – to actually keep a log of what I’ve had and haven’t along with what I think of the ones that I did have. No more little pecks of beer counting as a check-in.

I even joked with a friend about it who said “so you’ve had 2000 sips of beer? 2000 little tastes?” to which I replied something along the lines of “my favorite check-ins are when I drink the drip tray and check in all the beers that could be in it”. It’s a witty, and incredibly un-truthful reply, but the whole conversation really got me thinking. (more…)

Brewpub Review: Chatty Monks

by: Colleen N.

Brewpub Review: Chatty Monks

A few weeks ago, the hubby and I headed up to Reading, PA for a friend’s wedding. We left a bit early to see if we could grab some food somewhere. After doing some Googling we ended up on Penn Avenue in West Reading which seems like the place to be! After a quick survey of all of the fine looking establishments we stumbled upon… Chatty Monks, a quaint little nanobrewery making some fine Belgian-style beers.

Brewpub Review: Chatty MonksWe ordered a sampler so I could get some tiny sips of each of their drafts, and so Michael could fully enjoy the experience (since he is drinking for 4 right now). All of the beers were tasty but I have to say that the hoppier selections were my favorite. I really enjoyed the Endoplasmic Reticulum IPA and the Fuggley English Bitter Ale.

In addition to the lovely atmosphere and tasty brews, Chatty Monks also offered some delicious food as well. The menu is small, but it was not difficult to find something that sounded yummy. I chose the Cheddar Bratwurst Soup (made with beer) and Hoppy French Friars (dusted with home-grown hops). I was not disappointed! It’s such a pleasant surprise to stumble upon such a cool little brewery. If you happen to find yourself in West Reading, PA we definitely recommend you stop into Chatty Monks!

Brewery Tour: Moo-Duck Brewery

by: Chelsie

Moo-Duck Brewery

There’s a new kid on the block to help quench our craft beer thirst: Moo-Duck Brewery. I’ve been spreading the word of the brewery’s imminent opening ever since I first sampled their Honey Basil Blonde Ale earlier this year at a beer pairing dinner hosted by The Black Gryphon. Moo-Duck opened their doors for the first time on November 1 to an eager crowd of imbibers. We do love to support our local breweries here in Central PA!

Located at 79 S. Wilson Avenue in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, it’s just a quick walk from the train station making it a convenient stop for folks commuting from Harrisburg, Lancaster and even Philadelphia. So you can reduce your carbon footprint as you travel to Moo-Duck to get your drink on.


Meet Colleen L.

by: Colleen L.

Meet Colleen L!

My adventure into craft beer is a story that happened almost 10 years ago when I was introduced to homebrew and craft beer through a good friend of mine in Pittsburgh. Even though I was still in college, I knew that the cheap beer wasn’t for me and I was thrilled to learn there were many kinds of beer out there that were readily available to me.  The beer that opened my eyes to craft beer or as they say in the industry, my “gateway” beer was Bell’s Two Hearted. Nowadays I still tell people, “When in doubt, go Two Hearted.”

In the last few years, I’ve been involved with helping start Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week and being a member of the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Alliance. I recently started a chapter of Girls’ Pint Out in Pittsburgh. I’m passionate about showing craft beer to my community and educating women and men about craft beer. I enjoy learning more about the industry and beers myself, but educating others is just as important. The best part about learning more about good beer is all of the amazing friends I’ve met through it, for that I’m extremely grateful.

Meet Colleen L!While I still enjoy a good IPA now and again, my palate continues to evolve and change. In the course of the last two and a half years, I’ve fallen in love with sour beer styles and barrel aged stouts. That’s the great thing about good beer; there are so many styles and tastes that one never grows bored.  One of my favorite quotes about beer comes from King Henry VIII in 1519, which is on display at Wicked Weed Brewing in Asheville, NC:  “Hops are a wicked and pernicious weed.” Cheers to good beer!


Favorite Sour at the moment: Wicked Weed Oblivion
Favorite Unique Style at the moment:  Westbrook Gose
Favorite Stout at the moment: Founder’s Breakfast Stout
Favorite IPA at the moment: Fat Head’s Head Hunter
Favorite Seasonal Beer:  Great Lakes Christmas Ale
Favorite Rare Beer:  Cantillon Fou’ Foune

Recap: Stout Day 2014

by: Tierney

stout day headerTHANK YOU to everyone who came out and made Stout Day 2014 such a huge success! From the looks of it everyone had a blast. We even converted a few non-beer drinking ladies into equal-opportunity imbibers with the help of Spring House Brewing’s Big Gruesome.

boys and swag

As always, thank you to Wilsbach Distributors for the beer hookup and the ridiculous amount of giveaway swag. There were many coveting those awesome Great Lakes Brewing Co winter beanie hats.

swag stuff

HUGE thanks to Adam Sturges and The Sturges Speakeasy for hosting as well as the awesome bar staff who worked their buns off trying to keep up with us.

stouts & stilettos team stout day

Cheers to my Stouts and Stilettos team who, as always, are an asset to the site.
PS…OMG the twins are going to be here soon!!! Can’t wait to add Ophelia to our empire!

For more pictures from the event, check out our Facebook album.
Don’t forget to tag your friends. Next up…well that’s a surprise!


Meet Block House Brewing Co & Their Chocolate Bock

by: Tierney

block house brewing double chocolate bock

Block House Brewing Co. recently released the latest addition to their new craft beer division, a Chocolate Bock. First of all, as a Pennsylvania native, I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t even know that this brewery existed! Based in Pittsburgh, and owned by Pittsburgh Brewing Co (home of Iron City and Iron City Light), Block House Brewing is clearly a separate entity from what you think you know about the brand. I stumbled across this beer after Cirque du Soleil in Hershey last week when Brandalynn of Zero Day Brewing and I decided to go on an adventure to the Parkside Cafe. When asked about our craft options, we were presented with a Block House Brewing Double Chocolate Bock, a beer we had never heard of, so of course we obliged. (more…)

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