Rhinegeist Panther Robust Porter: 30 Second Beer Review

by: Tierney

rhinegeist panther porter

There’s nothing better than opening up your beer fridge and finding new beers to try. This past weekend, my other half took a trip out to Pittsburgh to reunite with old friends, and one of them brought us a treat – beers from Rhinegeist Brewery. I have had a 6-pack of both their Panther Robust Porter and Truth IPA staring back at me Sunday night upon his return, and found myself pleasantly surprised by each one.

Rhinegeist Brewery is located in Cincinnati Ohio in a building with quite a history. The brewery has been open since June 2013 and have 7 canned offerings. Right now, they just distribute in the Cincinnati area, so I’m pumped to get the chance to try them over here in PA.

Of the two in my fridge, the Panther Robust Porter stood out to me most. To be honest, the IPA didn’t have a fair advantage as I’m more of a stout/porter drinker anyways. What set this porter apart and made it delicious to me was the subtle cocoa flavor you get at the very first sip that lingers throughout drinking. It wasn’t too bitter like some porters can be, and wasn’t hop forward. It’s only 35 IBU which is ideal for a stout/porter in my book. Also, I think the fact that they’re canning a porter makes it unique. My shower beer game just got stepped all the way up.

Color: dark brown
Aroma: roasted malt, toast
Taste: cocoa, hint of nut, coffee
Body: medium
About: Porter, 35 IBU, 5.8% ABV

Iron Hill Adds Russian Imperial Stout to Can Lineup

by: Tierney

photo credit @IronHillChief

photo credit @IronHillChief

The latest addition to Iron Hill’s can lineup will be their award-winning Russian Imperial Stout.

Russian Imperial Stout is a full-bodied stout that starts with a complex, malt-y sweet and high roasted character, but is wonderfully balanced with the use of citrus-y American hops. It has earned a wealth of recognition from the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and the World Beer Cup (WBC); 2003 GABF gold medal; 2006 GABF gold medal; 2006 WBC bronze medal; 2010 GABF gold medal; 2010 WBC gold medal; 2011 GABF silver medal; 2012 WBC gold medal; 2012 GABF bronze medal; 2013 GABF silver medal; and 2014 WBC gold medal.

Nothing sounds better to me on a frozen winter’s night than a hearty steak dinner and a full-bodied stout, and that’s exactly what we’ll be serving in honor of Russian Imperial Stout’s continued dominance. says Director of Brewing Operations and Owner Mark Edelson.

In the past, Iron Hill’s beers have only been available on tap at their locations or to go in growlers; their new four-packs of 16 oz Russian Imperial Stout are now the third brew to be canned alongside Bedotter and Mahalo Apollo.

Four-packs are $22 each and 16-oz. cans are $8 each, available for in-store purchase at all Iron Hill locations, while supplies last.

Our Brew Day at Pizza Boy Brewing

by: Tierney

Collab Beer on the Brew Schedule

Drinking great beer is fun, but what’s even more fun is brewing great beer. Colleen N, Chelsie, and myself have all home brewed before, but this past Sunday we got the chance to brew on a big system. We’re collaborating with Pizza Boy Brewing to create a special beer for Harrisburg Beer Week. In case you hadn’t heard, the Stouts and Stilettos team along with Sara Bozich are organizing the first ever Harrisburg Beer Week this April 24-May 2. HBW is benefitting the Harrisburg River Rescue, thanks to our awesome sponsors. This particular beer will be available at the Little Big Beer Festival on May 2nd.

When meeting with Terry Hawbaker, brewmaster at Pizza Boy Brewing, we all tossed around a lot of different beer styles and ideas of what we wanted to make. Of course, we landed on a nice big Russian Imperial Stout. But what would we do to make it unique? At first we were thinking about making it spicy and thought we had it down with a serrano citrus stout. But with it being winter we didn’t want to run the risk of not being able to get fresh serrano peppers. Instead, we decided that a super sexy Chocolate Orange Stout was in order.

tierney juicing orangescolleen n zesting oranges terry zestingchelsie with orange















Sunday, we spent a few hours zesting and juicing a huge pile of oranges and then took our turn adding honey and lactose to the Braukon. As fun as home brewing is and being able to taste the wort and use the hydrometer, it’s so refreshing to be able to press a button and have the system take care of itself.

chelsie adding honeytierney adding honey









Next week we’ll be adding the cacao nibs, and in a few more weeks we’ll be back at it with the oranges again for more juicing and zesting. So what are we going to call this brew? Well, we’re leaving that up to you!

We tossed around a lot of fun beer names, but it’s hard to pick just one. We’re down to two that we love, but we’re open to more suggestions. Leave a comment with what you think we should call it, and in a few weeks we’ll have an official vote.

Dear Georgians, Beer Needs Your Help

by: Tierney

While I may not reside in Georgia, I do visit the peach state frequently. Right now, brewers and breweries in Georgia need help from their residents in passing a bill that would help change some antiquated beer laws. Here’s the scoop we received from Wild Heaven Craft Beers:

“Georgia Brewers are in need of some voices from people like all of you, neighbors and friends who have been such a huge part of our success to date.

THE ISSUE: Currently, breweries are not allowed to sell beer to people directly…ever…it all has to go through a distributor.  When you come to the brewery, you pay $10 or $12 for a pint glass, and we are permitted to serve you up to 2 pints (32 ounces) of beer per day as part of an educational tour.  Georgia is one of only 4 states in the country that doesn’t allow breweries to sell beer to consumers in some way, and we rank 47 out of 50 states in breweries per capita.

THE PROPOSAL: Senate Bill 63 in the Georgia legislature would allow for breweries to sell up to 72 ounces of beer for consumption at brewery and breweries and brewpubs to sell 144 ounces (a 12-pack) per person per day to take home.  So we could finally sell you a 6-pack or bottle of your favorite beer to take home with you from the brewery.

THE IMPACT: At our brewery, the passage of this bill would lead us to hire more people in our tasting room, provide a very helpful new revenue stream, and, we believe, lead to better sales in retailers because people will know and remember our brand better.

THE ASK: If you are willing, it would be a great help to contact the key members of the GA State Senate who are controlling our bill. Hearing from as many constituents as possible makes a HUGE difference in issues like these, and 5-10 minutes would be greatly appreciated.  If you can, doing it TODAY, we are hoping to flood the inboxes of these folks with supportive e-mails and phone calls.

Here’s how you can help:

– Call the offices of all these Senators and ask them to support the Beer Jobs Bill, SB 63.  If you only make one or two phone calls, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle (404-656-5030) and Senator Rick Jeffares are the ones to call.”

This bill impacts not just Wild Heaven, but all brewrries in the state of Georgia. Here in Pennsylvania, we are basically spoiled being able to buy cases, six-packs, growlers, and pints from most breweries (depending on licensing) without even a second thought. I never realized how different this is in other states until I showed up in Georgia with a growler hoping to bring back the good good a few years ago.

As a craft beer lover with Georgia on her mind, I urge you to help spread the word about this bill so that this positive change can be made.

Brewery Review: Molly Pitcher Brewing Co.

by: Chelsie

Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. Gun Handle TapsTierney and I had the opportunity to check out Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. which opened late 2014 in downtown Carlisle, Pennsylvania. It’s an exciting time for craft beer in our state. Breweries are opening on what feels like a monthly basis. This feeling might even be confirmed once the 2014 Brewers Association stats come out. So many good beers all around us.

Carlisle, PA was established circa 1751 and is steeped in history. It’s known most famously for its role in the American Revolutionary War as a munitions depot. That location later became the renowned U.S. Army War College. Folks like Benjamin Rush, George Washington, James Buchanan, and Jim Thorpe knew the town of Carlisle well. And, the revered Molly Pitcher is buried in the cemetery just a block away from the new brewery aptly named after the war legend.

Molly Pitcher’s taproom boasts 9 flagship beers all of which carry Revolutionary War inspired names:

What's on Tap at Molly Pitcher Brewing Co.

While visiting, I opted to do a flight and was able to taste every one. Each was well-crafted, clean and true to its style. I like that there are a variety of tastes offered. Personally, I don’t like to drink the same thing all the time. Sure, everyone knows that I’m an IPA Girl. But I also appreciate a solid, biscuity, lightly sweet Kolsch or a toasted, nutty ESB (Extra Special Bitter) with a slight caramel note.

NOTE: Don’t fear the ESB. It DOES NOT mean that the beer is outrageously bitter. In fact, the beer has more of a malt flavor than it does bitterness. Do you like nut browns or red ales? Try the Redcoat ESB and you’ll see why you should be drinking this classic English-style beer.

Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. Redcoat ESB

I had tried the War Ball Wit at a sampling event before the brewery opened back in the fall. So I was anxious to get my hands on some more. I think I’m drawn to the orange notes that intermingle with biscuit and cinnamon.

Surprisingly, my most favorite of the evening was the Patriot Pale Ale. While I like pale ales, it’s not a style that I usually rave about. Pale ale’s are good. Patriot Pale Ale is juicy good. Like citrus bomb good. I will drink this when I visit Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. EVERY TIME.

It especially paired well with the Horner’s slow-roasted, pulled pork BBQ sandwich served with Martin’s kettle-cooked potato chips. Both Horner’s Corner BBQ & Grill and Martin’s are local to the Central PA area.

Horner's BBQ Sandwich with ChipsThere are a few tasty, reasonably priced snack items available for purchase while you’re enjoying fine brew in the taproom:

  • Beef Hot Dog with Chips: $3
  • Sausage on a Bun with Chips: $4
  • Horner’s BBQ Sandwich with Chips & Slaw: $6
  • Keswick Creamery Artisan Cheese Plate: $8
  • Wenger’s Beef Sticks (Pepper or Sweet): $1 each

I should mention that while the 32 seat taproom is completed, the brewery area is awaiting their 7bbl brew house to be installed. Right now the brewers, Zachary Ziegler and Tim Fourlas, are brewing twice a day, every day on a SABCO Brew-Magic to keep up with the three days the taproom opens up to pour us thirsty imbibers our suds. Once the larger brewing equipment is in full swing, look for extended hours/days that you can visit Molly Pitcher.

CURRENT TAPROOM HOURS (as of Feb 6, 2015)

  • Tuesdays 3 pm to 7 pm
  • Thursdays from 3 pm to 7 pm
  • Saturdays from noon to 6pm

Another benefit of the larger system will be a the ability to add more beers to their taps. The new brews won’t be flagship offerings but rather one-off varieties that the brewers can experiment with and get creative. This line will be called Taste of the Taproom and will be available as a limited edition.

While Molly Pitcher has a mug club, you should know that it is already sold out. If interested, be sure to ask the bartender if they have plans to expand the club or note when the club renews for the year.

GROWLER FILLS COMING SOON – stay tuned for more details when growler fills will be available.


Good beers. Good food. Good times at Molly Pitcher. Everyone was very helpful and attentive. We will be back!

Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. Visit

From left to right: Tierney Pomone (Stouts & Stilettos Founder), Shannon Wert (Bartender), Mike Moll (Operations Manager), Zachary Ziegler (Brewmaster) and me.. Chelsie Markel.

Check out Molly Pitcher’s website for more info: http://mollypitcher.com and their facebook page for updates and alerts: https://www.facebook.com/MollyPitcherBrewing

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Stout Spice-Braised Chicken Recipe

by: Tierney

stout spice braised chicken recipe

Well, I found myself in quite the predicament the other night when I went to make dinner. I really wanted to make my spice-braised chicken using a recipe I had pinned, but I quickly realized I didn’t have any red wine in the house. This should not come as a surprise, as we’re beer and bourbon drinkers in this household. I was bummed, but then decided to think on my feet and still make what I wanted anyways. A hungry girl’s gotta eat!

I learned awhile back that beer styles and wine styles have definite similarities to them. This recipe called for a dry, red wine. They used a Petite Syrah. There had to be a beer in the house I could use in its place. Stout, of course! I grabbed a Badger Hill Foundation Stout from the beer fridge and subbed it in for the missing red wine. The result? Absolutely delicious! Plus, it only calls for 1 cup so the rest is for me to drink.


badger hill stout spice braised chicken recipe

While I’m no chef, as you can see from my lack of plating skills, I do want to share my adaption to this recipe using a stout, instead of red wine. The recipe suggests serving it with quinoa or brown rice. I’ve used quinoa in the past, but this time I was in the mood for some red potatoes. Cheers!

Stout Spice-Braised Chicken


  • 3 Tbs canola or olive oil
  • 4 chicken thighs
  • Salt & freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • 1 large yellow onion thinly sliced
  • 3 garlic cloves, smashed
  • One 3-inch cinnamon stick, broken in half
  • 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper or chili powder
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 cup American Stout
  • 1 cup chicken stock
  • One 14 oz can of diced tomatoes


  1. Season the chicken with the salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  2. In a large and deep skillet or Dutch Oven over medium-high heat, add the 2 Tbs of the oil.
  3. When the oil is shimmering, add the chicken to the skillet and brown each side (about 3 minutes per side).
  4. Transfer the browned chicken to a plate to rest.
  5. Pour any fat and juices from the plate into the skillet.
  6. Add the remaining tablespoon of the oil and add the cumin. Stir and let simmer for about 10 seconds.
  7. Add the onions and cook for about 5 minutes, or until softened.
  8. Add the chicken back into the pan.
  9. Add the garlic, cinnamon stick, crushed red pepper and bay leaves and cook for about 3 minutes, or until the garlic is golden.
  10. Add the stout and simmer over medium-low heat for about 5 minutes.
  11. Add the chicken stock and tomatoes with their juices and simmer for about 10 minutes.
  12. Reduce heat to low and heat for around 20-40 minutes, rotating the chicken a few times, until it’s thoroughly cooked through. This gives the sauce time to reduce a bit.
  13. Remove the cinnamon stick and bay leaves and season with any additional salt and pepper.
  14. Serve over a whole grain, such as quinoa, couscous, wheat berries or farro. (I served along-side some red potatoes and it was just as yummy!)

So, What’s Farm Distilled Hop Oil, Sierra Nevada?

by: Tierney

This year, Sierra Nevada introduced three new beers to their lineup, one of those is the Hop Hunter IPA. This brew boasts ‘fresh hop oil steam distilled in the fields.’ Anyone else out there who nodded  along like ‘yeah, okay, sounds cool’? Don’t be afraid to admit that you’re not too sure what they meant. Luckily, Sierra Nevada put out this quick video explaining exactly what this means.

In the field, they take the sweet sweet fresh juicy hops and steam distill them, meaning that they heat them up in a giant steamer and vaporize them in order to capture the oil inside the hops. This oil contains the aroma and flavor of the hops. This is then added to Hop Hunter IPA to capture that fresh hop IPA flavor we usually only get to enjoy around hop harvest season. Pretty sweet right? We can’t wait to get our hands on this new brew. If you’ve tried it, what did you think?

Elysian Brewing Gets Bought by AB-InBev, Now What?

by: Tierney

In case you missed it,Elysian Brewing announced that AB-In Bev will be purchasing their company as well as their four brewpubs with the intent to have the sale completed by the end of the year. This isn’t the first craft brewery to be bought out by one of the big guys, but this one seemed to hurt the most.

Maybe it’s because I love their beer. I’ve been advocate of the quality product they make ever since I tried my first Dragonstooth Stout and continually recommend them to others. To me, they were so underrated and needed awareness for their brand. I think I may even be on record somewhere saying that they’re my favorite brewery at the moment. I love so many of their beers, especially Space Dust, Punkuccino, and Split Shot. Seriously, at one point, I had the cute little flying hop guy on the Space Dust label as my desktop image. I’m a fangirl. (more…)

Sly Fox Adds SRT Ale to Lineup

by: Tierney

sly fox srtSly Fox Brewing Company, is releasing a new canned beer with a mission. SRT ALE, due to hit local distributors in cans on Earth Day (April 22), is brewed specifically for craft beer fans who also love the outdoors of southeastern PA. Sly Fox’s SRT ALE is a golden, delicious, hop-forward American Pale Ale, and at 4.6% alcohol by volume, it’s designed to be the perfect post-activity beer.

The latest Sly Fox beer is also a tribute to a beloved recreational resource. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of SRT ALE will be donated to improve and maintain the 130-mile Schuylkill River Trail (SRT) that meanders near the brewery in Pottstown, PA, as well as Sly Fox’s original Brewhouse & Eatery in Phoenixville, PA. The beer’s launch will take place over several days as it journeys down the southeastern Pennsylvania trail from Pottsville to Philadelphia. (more…)

Iron Hill Adds Three New House Beers

by: Tierney

iron hill logo

On Monday, February 2, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant will debut a new house lineup of fresh craft beers, available on draught and for growler fills, at all 11 locations throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware region.  Three new styles of beer will be added to the everyday lineup, including:  White Iron Wit, a pale unfiltered Belgian-style wheat beer,  Ore House IPA, a golden American IPA, and Witberry, a classic unfiltered Belgian-style wheat beer brewed with raspberry featuring complex orange and spice flavors.

White Iron Wit, Ore House IPA and Witberry will be available all the time and at every Iron Hill location, along with traditional favorites. (more…)

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